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Share some Microsoft Azure certification AZ-302 exam questions and answers below.
You host an on-premises ASP.NET Web API at the company headquarters. The Web API is consumed by applications running at the companys branch Offices using the Azure Relay service. All the users of the applications are on the same Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). 
You need to ensure that the applications can consume the Web APL 
What should you do? 
A. Create separate Azure AD groups named Senders and Receivers In Access Control (IAM) for the Relay namespace, assign Senders the Reader role and assign Receivers the Reader role. 
B. Create a Shared Access policy for Send permissions and another for Receive permissions. 
C. Create dedicated Azure AD identities named Sender and Receiver. Assign Sender the Azure AD Identity Reader role. Assign Receiver the Azure AD Identity Reader role. Configure applications to use the respective Identities. 
D. Create a Shared Access policy for the namespace. use a connection string in Web API and use a different connection string in consumer applications. 
Answer: B

You are building a custom Azure function app to connect to Azure Event Grid. 
You need to ensure that resources are allocated dynamically to the function app. Billing must be based on the executions of the app. 
What should you configure when you create the function app? 
A. the Windows operating system and the App Service plan hosting plan 
B. the Docker container and an App Service plan that uses the Sl pricing tier 
C. the Docker container and an App Service plan that uses the El pricing tier 
D. the Windows operating syslem and the Consumption plan hosting plan 
Answer: D 

You have 100 Azure virtual machines. Each virtual machine has two network adapters. 
You need to increase the network performance of the workloads running on the virtual machines. 
The solution must meet the following requirements: 
• The CPU-to-memory ratio must remain the same. 
• The solution must minimize costs. 
What should you do? 
A. Configure NIC teaming. 
B. Enable SR-IOV 
C. Install an additional network adapter. 
D. Enable ROMA over InfiniBand. 
Answer: B 

You have implemented code that uses elastic transactions spanning across three different Azure SQL Database logical servers. 
Database administrators report that some transactions take longer to complete than expected. 
You need to use the correct tool to monitor all the transactions originating from the elastic transaction implementation. 
Which tool should you use? 
A. Run the sys dynamic management view 
B. Use the dependencies section of Azure Applications Insights. 
C. Run the sys dynamic management view. 
D. Run the sys dynamic management View. 
Answer: ACD 

You have an on-premises Hyper-V cluster. The duster contains Hyper-V hosts that run Windows Server 2016 Datacenter. The hosts are licensed under a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement that has Software Assurance, 
The Hyper-V cluster contains 30 virtual machines that run Windows Server 2012 R2. Each virtual machine runs a different workload. The workloads have predictable consumption patterns. 
You plan to replace the virtual machines with Azure virtual machines that run Windows Server 2016. The virtual machines will be Sized according to the consumption pattern Of each workload. 
You need to recommend a solution to minimize the compute costs of the Azure virtual machines 
Which two recommendations should you include in the solution? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. 
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. 
A. Configure a spending limit in the Azure account center. 
B. Activate Azure Hybrid Benefit for The Azure virtual machines. 
C. Purchase Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances for the Azure virtual machines. 
D. Create a lab in Azure DevTest Labs and place the Azure vinual machines in the lab. 
E. Create a virtual machine scale set that uses autoscaling. 
Answer: BC 

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